Updated guidance on electromagnetic compatibility

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The Light Rail Safety and Standards Board has published updated guidance to help sponsors of new tramway systems to meet current legislation on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Before operations can begin, or new vehicles are introduced on existing systems, tests are required to ensure that the electromagnetic fields generated will not interfere with other electronic or radio equipment in the vicinity.

The latest guidance from the LRSSB outlines these tests and steps that need to be taken to ensure infrastructure and vehicles meet the latest legislation.

Mark Ashmore, Safety Assurance Manager at the LRSSB, explained: “Historically, the process for management of EMC for light rail schemes was through a Network Rail’s Infrastructure Safety Review who would issue a ‘Letter of No Objection’ in response to assurances and a management plan submitted by the scheme sponsor.

“However, the management of EMC is now set out in UK law by The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016, and the process for approvals is managed by the Rail Safety Standards Board (RSSB).

“The new guidance from the LRSSB aims to help scheme sponsors to manage the approval process and draws on expertise from across the sector to promote best practice.”

The document, which can be downloaded here (https://lrssb.com/lrssbportal/) contains information on developing a comprehensive EMC strategy and useful information that needs to be taken into account when putting together a management plan and a useful hazard analysis.