Training boost for database development

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The first of a series of training events has marked the first steps towards building a comprehensive database of risks assessments for the light rail sector.

Led by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board, the workshops included an introduction to the BowTieXP software that’s being used to build what promises to be an invaluable tool for the sector’s health and safety professionals.

Mark Ashmore, LRSSB Safety and Assurance Manager, explained: “Drawing on the collective knowledge and experience of experts from across the sector, the database

will include risk assessments covering all aspects of light rail operations.

“Funded by the LRSSB, the project has already received a positive response from operators, with colleagues from Edinburgh, Nottingham, Manchester, Blackpool and Sheffield taking part in the first training session.”

Further workshops are planned in January, and it’s expected that representatives from all UK tram operators will receive training on the software, as a standard process and common ‘language’ is developed for database entry.

The risk assessment database is one of several projects currently being developed by the LRSSB that aim to build a central resource and comprehensive model of risk assessment, management and mitigation.