Comprehensive guidance on signage and markings

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A comprehensive guide to tramway signage and other safety-critical markings has been published by the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board.

The latest in a series of light rail guidance documents, it draws on best practice from across the sector and previously published information.

Mark Ashmore, Safety Assurance Manager at the LRSSB, explained: “Signage and other markings have a critical role to play in light rail safety, clearly and concisely conveying vital information to tram drivers and other road users, including motorists and pedestrians.

“All traffic signs and road markings used for tramway systems must comply with various mandatory requirements, and this document highlights the regulations most relevant to light rail.”

The guidance also provides technical information on locating signage, appropriate sizing and even the reflective properties of different materials used.

Now available to download here on the LRSSB website portal, it can also be used by owners and operators of existing systems to ensure continuous improvement of their own processes.